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The English translation is now available as a pdf download! Thank you for your overwhelmingly positive support and enormous patience all these years.

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What is our project?

The Serial Experiments Lain PSX Game Translation Project started in 2008 to translate Serial Experiments Lain, the PlayStation game, into English.

Why? Who we are?

To make the game more widely available, because we are a group of Lain-loving fans from around the world!

The Game

The Serial Experiments Lain video game was released for PlayStation on November 26, 1998 by Pioneer LDC, following the successful broadcast of the Serial Experiments Lain anime series in Japan from July to September 1998. Throughout the game, the player unlocks pieces of multimedia information (Lain's therapy sessions, her diary, notes of her therapist, video segments) to discover what happened to Lain. It shares the themes, atmosphere, and protagonist, but not the plot, of the anime. The game is speech-intensive and entirely in Japanese, unfortunately rendering it inaccessible for the many non-Japanese Lain fans.

To be continued...?

Many fine folks have dedicated time and money to make the translation possible. Unfortunately this project's lofty ambition to integrate the translation back into the game will not be realized. With the translation text release, The Serial Experiments Lain PSX Game Translation Project will be closing its doors. By the end of 2014, this website may be no more.

But if more fine folks would like to pick up where this project left off, let us know! It will probably take mature, self-motivated individuals with time, assertiveness, and good communication skills.

Remaining work:

Improve document

The translation pdf may be a little rough around the edges. Some graphic designers could certainly improve the presentation, and Japanese to English translators could help polish the translations.

Modding the game

Tools were developed to integrate much of the translation back into the game, but technical challenges still remain. Those who have modded other PlayStation games, or tweaked or debugged PSX assembly would be needed. Also a lot of patience and free time will be required to integrate the many hours of audio. Japanese to English translators would be valuable in helping edit the translations to fit.


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